Exmouth to Broome

Hi there,

After I had finished playing with that really big fish in Exmouth I packed my stuff and drove to Tom Price. This is a small mining town near my actual destination, which is Karijini National Park. In Tom Price I ran into Pascal, Caro and Neil who were on their way to Karijini as well. After a short pit stop I drove into the park where I visited a spectacular gorge before driving to the (cheapest) campground in the park where I booked a spot next to Caro's car. Because it was very hot and humid that day I walked into Dales Gorge (next to the campground) and went for a swim in the rock pool at the bottom of some waterfalls. Unfortunately this pool turned out to be infested with leeches, but luckily I didn't get any.

When I came back to the campground I noticed a small note on Caro's car's windscreen. It was written by Leon and Mieke telling us that they would come and visit us later that night. So now there were 4 Dutch people staying at the same campground 7 months after they met each other in Amsterdam :) We all had a great night together and I promised to give Pascal a lift to Alice Springs where he wants to catch a flight to Sydney.

The next day I went to Kalamina Gorge where I spent the morning walking and swimming in yet another rock pool before driving to Fortescue Falls for another walk. When I got back to my car I noticed that I would not be able to meet Pascal at 4pm like we agreed to because my tyre was completely flat :S Great, these gravel roads... Fortunately I managed to change my tyre, even though my jack has seen better days. When I got back to the camping ground it was already to late to start driving to Port Hedland so we all spent another cosy night between the dingo's in Karijini.

Thursday (12-04) we packed (nearly) all of Pacal's stuff in the Falcon and drove to Port Hedland. During our trip we saw a lot of 50 metre long road trains and when we got to Port Hedland we saw huge, horizon filling trains filled with iron ore. When we stopped at the visitors centre we noticed Leon and Mieke's van parked nearby and we ended up travelling together for that point on. Because there wasn't much to see in Port Hedland we decided to keep moving. So after doing some shopping, taking a shower and picking up my newly repaired tyre we went to a rest area 30km from Port Hedland to eat and camp for the night. The only problem was the temperature (it's very hot and humid up here) and the mosquitoes.

The next day we drove to Broome, during our trip we saw some pretty big dump trucks and a burned down road house aptly named "Sandfire".

And that's about it for now, we're now in Broome relaxing a bit before we head off towards Kunanurra.

Greetz, Bart


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